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Our team at digital Sinhala is always trying to make your expriance with us better. Join with us to make a change.

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Who Are We?

Three guys started Digital Sinhala because we had a vision and we wanted to make that vision into reality we wanted to make a change. That's why we started without any hesitation because we belived that we could make a change and we wanted to make this vision of ours into a mission. Along the way, as everybody does we had our ups and downs but we got through them as a team. We had hope,they say if you climb a mountain there must definity be a way down so every hard time we had hope that we would get through this. We want to make changes for good and give something useful to the Srilakan people we are Srilankan we would love to see this country comes to a better place.

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Just a Few, But not the Least. Need help to your new idea? Feel Free to Check Our Services Below.

  • App Development

    You have "The Next Big App Idea", We Have A Great Team To Develop "IT"

  • Web Development

    Own A Business Or Hope To Build One? Let Us Take It To The Next Level.

  • Social Media Marketing

    Promote Your Brand With Us, Get Known To The Best Target Audience.